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Do you like memes?

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So as you can see in my photos, I’m Asian and I have small eyes so you can basically say I can’t really see things clearly when I smile; but I love laughing at lame dad jokes and memes. I’m also very sarcastic so I just want to like put it out there just in case I offend you in any way.
I’m 20 years old and I live with my dad and siblings. I’m currently doing an online course for interior designing since it’s been my dream to be one. I have traveled to many places throughout my childhood and now. I’ve lived in Dubai for 7 years to study for Primary and now I’m in HK just finished my Secondary. I have also been to other countries in Europe and South Asia so I can say I’m well cultured and quite knowledgeable about different cultures and lifestyle of different people.
I’m an understanding person since I did not have a good start when I was a child and lived very poorly till my mum decided to remarry. I understand the value of money and I don’t tend to spend it on things that I don’t need although I do like a lot of things however, it’s not necessary for me to buy them. I know what I want and need since I have a list of it haha.
I love to sing and do online widow shopping (I look at things online and save them in my cart but I never buy them). I love techy things and cute things as well. I adore cats so much cause they’re so cute, my favourite are the fluffy ones, love cute doggos too, my favourite are the Huskies and the Samoyed!!! I’m not a fan of big named brands but I do like a few, as I mentioned I like a lot of tech products. I also don’t like partying since I’m not a fan of big crowds and loud noises and being in an enclosed space full of sweaty, hyped up people.
My favourite flowers are sunflowers and my favourite colour is burgundy, I don’t drink alcohol at all but I like mango juice ♥️ But I definitely love food although I don’t really have a specific cuisine that I love since I love a lot of different foods including street foods.
My dream is to have my own beautiful house one day overlooking the seaside. I would love to view the sunset on my balcony while sitting surrounded by my cats haha.
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask me.
Thank you so much


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Hello, my name is Rias.
To be honest, I came here to have a sugar-friend sort of relationship. Like having a drink and a nice chat with lots of laugh.
Someone to laugh with, understanding and also spoils me a lot. I’m quite simple. I like funny people and also those who can go karaoke with me and sing or play the guitar/piano and sing together. Just simple things, nothing so excessive and intimate. Moreover, if you need someone to talk to or just someone to sit with and have a drink, I’m a good person for it. I can help give advices too, I know I may be young but it’s a different perspective.
If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask me questions.

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