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About Me

I speak both English and Chinese natively, primarily because my mother is half Chinese, and I completed secondary school in Beijing.
我从小到大一直都喜欢三件事,任何关于艺术的东西,科学和帮助别人。我现在十九岁,而是在北京舞蹈学院学上大二,学的是芭蕾专业。虽然在学舞蹈,但是我以后不想当芭蕾演员,想当一个歌手。 也许你在想, 那你以后想搞音乐的话为什么在北舞上学呢?主要是因为北舞出了好几个名星,所以我就知道了它能帮我实现我的梦想。我的另一个梦想呢?做胸外科手术。我现在北舞同时也在网络上读医学院预科。读完医学院预科研究生之后,想去美国上医学。这个梦很难实现,而得花很多时间才能实现它。但是因为这是我的梦想我绝对会努力的。
Since the tender age of three, I’ve loved three different things anything related to the arts, science and helping people. I’m 19 years old 爱你的am currently in my sophomore year studying at Beijing Dance Academy, in a ballet program, while I do love dance, it is not the end goal in life… I love music so much more , specifically writing songs. I’d like to eventually be able to record and release my own music, but up until now I haven’t really had the opportunity to do so. I decided to study at Beijing Dance Academy because they are known to have produced many celebrities, and I’m hoping to eventually be one of them. I am also currently enrolled in an online pre-med program as eventually I would like to go to medical school somewhere back home. (America) Someday I would like to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, but I know that will take a lot of time and effort. While I am willing to work towards that, if it means having to pick music or medicine I would most likely pick music, but only God knows.
In my free time I like to watch live performances, I also enjoy shopping, picking up a bite to eat or grabbing a couple drinks.


  • Emotional connection
  • Flexible schedule
  • Life of leisure
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Shows & entertainment
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