Katy Tuvshin
18 • 女性 • State Circus, Ulaanbaatar, 蒙古

Ready for adventure & the sweeter things in life

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伴游目标男性 (ages 18-50)种族亚洲子女0教育程度高中是否抽烟非吸烟者体型较瘦职业行业-是否喝酒社交应酬身高170 cm婚姻状况单身


Independent girl who’s seeking for a hedonist lifestyle.
Grew up in a very culturally diverse environment so I’m constantly in search of new experiences with different people from all walks of life. Totally a “glass half-full” typa gal so miss me with that negativity 😉
An avid reader, so if you have any awesome book recommendations feel free to lmk!
I strongly abide by the “love yourself first in order for those around you to love you back” motto. All forms of self-love should be encouraged and implemented in our lives, life’s too short for bad flings and cheap talk.
Thoroughly enjoy fine dining, art (everything related to art), dancing, the tropical weather & staying active 😉
Bah, ouais, je peux parler un peu de français aussi
(fellow bilinguals wya?)


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Be interesting, funny and open-minded!
Looking for a gentleman who is down for adventure & is open to new cultural experiences. Someone who has the means to spoil and provide me with affection & of course mentorship.
Intellectual stimulation is a must, if we don’t have a genuine connection I doubt our convos will go far. If you dabble in astrology that’s a huge turn on as well hha.
Someone who has drive & ambition and is ready to share their lavish lifestyle with me. An individual who respects themselves & most importantly, me.
*BONUS IF you:
– are a Libra, Sagittarius or a Gemini
– have a dog
– can speak French or is French 😉

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