Sweety baby
19 • 女性 • 崇文, 北京, 中国

Russian model

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伴游目标男性 (ages 30-45)种族混血子女选择保密教育程度研究生学历是否抽烟非吸烟者体型较瘦职业行业艺术与设计是否喝酒不喝酒身高170 cm婚姻状况单身


I’m a super girl. Angel and demon in one person. I am a model for underwear. I like everything connected with fashion, because I like to dress and go shopping, because I like to prepare myself and take care of myself and you look good! I have many hobbies. I like to travel. I regularly practice yoga and meditation. I study psychology. I am a creative person, fond of clothes design and taking lessons on oil painting. I was told that I have a big personality, I am very playful, and I enjoy life and getting to know others. I am super relaxed and inclined to be attracted to others with positive energies. I have a great thirst for life and I am very active. I am all about the positive, I avoid drama and negativity, and everything that will drain my energy! I’m all about living in the moment, being open-minded and enjoying life. I am very sweet and have a huge heart❤


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I know what I want, so I’ll immediately tell you what I’m looking for, and my expectations, so as not to waste time. I will tell you the amount of benefit I’m looking for, and exactly what I’m looking for, I’m by no means cheap or desperate, and I don’t want to take anything less if you can’t afford to move forward. I know my value, and let’s say I have met very successful people in the past, so I will never give up! I am looking for someone who just wants to enjoy life and have fun without any commitment, someone who is passionate because I am successful, but not arrogant. I am pleased with the long-term or short-term relationship. If there are strong emotions, I am even ready to fall in love (I am very in love). I want to find a generous friend and mentor in one person.
P.S.Sorry, I do not like black men and Indian men. I’m not racist, you are just not my type.

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