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伴游目标男性 (ages 30-40)种族混血子女选择保密教育程度研究生学历是否抽烟非吸烟者体型健美职业行业艺术与设计是否喝酒不喝酒身高169 cm婚姻状况单身


Hi! I have a very interesting life. I love to travel, learn new cultures, customs, for me it is very interesting. There is no difference, it is a luxury trip with expensive hotels and a yacht or a trip by car to wild places. I like both options equally. The main criterion is the beauty around and the saturation of impressions. Most of all I like Asia, my heart is there, in Shanghai. I was first in China when I was only 7 years old and it was love at first sight. Since then, I constantly go back there. I constantly live in Russia, but quite often I return to China, someday I will move there forever, a beautiful country, very kind people.
I have a lot of favorite activities, I do yoga and do meditation every morning, it is very refreshing thoughts. I am a blogger, I like to carry my thoughts to the world. Now I have 45,000 subscribers. I read a lot of books and I am in constant development.
I have a bachelor’s degree – political science. I have been working in politics and have been busy with the public for 4 years. My life then consisted of politics. I made a good career at an early age. After I gave birth to a child and decided to change the type of activity.
Now I have a small business, I produce lingerie (owner and designer). I am a very creative person, now I take lessons in painting, learn to paint with oil. That was my little dream. This year I received a second degree and received a diploma in psychology. I am now very interested in this topic, I read a lot of literature on psychology and take private lessons.
I think this is not the last interests in my life. I am a very inquisitive person and I love life very much. I want to see the whole world and learn all its secrets. I need a number of people with the same aspirations as mine. It will be perfect. Two smart, beautiful, active person. We can gorgeous spend this life.


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I want to warn. I am not interested in meeting at one time and selling relationships. My heart does not know how. I am looking for love. Maybe this site is not the most suitable place for such a purpose, but I will try. 

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