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I see it as an adventure

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A sweet girl who chases adventures and love, who cares others and wanted to be cared. If I like you, I can be very naughty.
I know this website for a while but hesitate to register because I am afraid there are lots of frauds and I don’t know how to protect my personal information while I want to meet real gentleman here.
I speak Chinese, English, some Japanese and Korean. I am able to travel to most Asian countries, USA and UK. I love high speed activities and crime movies. I enjoy being single but sometimes I feel lonely too. Will you be my shoulder, even just for a short time?


  • 乖巧听话
  • 稳定关系
  • 上流生活
  • 无拘无束
  • 和你一起旅行
  • 学费和学校支持
  • 休假

It must be fun and enjoyable for both of us, we attracted to each other, and spend wonderful time together on a regular basis. I am bisexual, have a thing for older married man, ppl who are smart, humorous are super sexy in my eyes. The most important thing is you know how to treat a girl. I will bring you happiness, memories that probably you haven’t experienced, you are going to support my career and dreams, mentally and financially.
*Sorry I didn’t expect I will receive so many messages, I realize I don’t have time to check and reply all of them, but certainly I don’t want to miss the right one. So for save our time, could you tell me your budget and requirements instead of a simple “hello nice to meet you” sentence? Thank you for liking me.

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