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I’m flexible ,feminine , long hairstyle

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Im an open minded Chinese who understands both Chinese and Western cultures , I still have some traditional Chinese thinking that I didn’t put away but the same time I accept values and views from outside of China , I consider myself as a thoughtful, caring, responsible, romantic, independent, trusty person , Somtimes I can be a little moody ( girls problem u know ) .Lol…
Ohh.. and I care very much about my appearance, so I put very much attention to girl’s stuff and exercise, I do yoga (I teach yoga for nearly 6 years ) , pilates, aerobics, spinning, belly dancing, a little bit muscle training too, So I hope you can be very energetic too , so that we can share same interests .


Looking forward to meet someone who is good mannered , thoughtful ,romantic ….
你好,谢谢你花时间浏览我的文档! 虽然我们没见过面,但是希望你有些涵养,有些爱心,有些有趣,有些会疼人。

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