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伴游对象 男性种族欧美人生活方式期望值浪漫教育程度学士学位是否抽烟非吸烟者体型较瘦职业Assistant in public relations是否喝酒社交应酬身高170 厘米


I think, that I’m a nice girl, who loves good life, tasty food, beautiful countries and handsome guys, who’s attentive and generous to woman.
…If shortly about me- no drama, just fun 😊 I love to listen to good music, to go to theatres to watch good movies. But the most important is the atmosphere around. I like the comfort and pleasant people. You can call it a mental connection, I think this is harmony at the level of unconscious perception…


What am I looking? Just interesting man, who will be care about me and feel comfortable with me )

s, joyful of life 👑

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