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Diagnosed with wanderlust a

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I’m an introverted but relatively easy going girl on a search for adventure.
I love travelling and chocolate but enjoy trips to the ice rink, nights out at the ballet, catching the latest movies and horse riding and have recently re taken up surfing.
Enjoy quiet nights chilling with a good book or film but thoroughly enjoy heading out and trying different cuisines or going for a dance out in town.
I’m sporty but feminine, currently working as an outdoor instructor but I in no way move away from my femininity. I love dressing up and staying girly despite my job. However, I am just as content to go on a hike and be active bare faced.
An avid foodie, I love trying different foods and could not for the life of me tell you my favorite cuisine as there are so many.
I want to experience the world and all it has to offer. I love learning about different cultures and their language and history.


I’m looking for someone who can make me feel treasured as a young woman and also offer me mentorship as well as a connection on at least a friendship level.
I have expensive hobbies like travelling that I cannot easily afford on my current salary and someone who can provide assistance with this would be beneficial. Would love to not have the burden of financial worries.
Someone who can help provide me a lifestyle where I can focus on being happy and finding myself to be the best person I can be would be ideal. Someone who can help me learn and grow as an individual.

nd stuck in Wonderland.

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