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Short charming girl looking for dad

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I work as a receptionist and my hobbies are Muay thai, yoga and am also a health conscious girl. Im looking for my daddy long legs who would entertain and take care of me in all aspects. I will, in return will do the same and you will most certainly get what you are after.
Please only send a message if you are looking for a real arrangement. I understand that we are all here to give and take. I work as a receptionist and very much single with no attachment with anyone.


Im looking to find a man who would take care of me and my needs, an arrangement is a must. i understand that this is a very forward statement but i would also prefer to be discreet, weekly or monthly is fine or we can do a per meet basis also. Every girl has certain needs so please do state what you are after upon messaging me.

dy long legs

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