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Sweet Interesting girl

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I’m a Sweet Caring Girl, I believe in law of attractions, if it is meant to be, it will be.
I like to talk and share ideas, drinking and party sometimes just for music and happiness.I love traveling, I am from HK, I love musics and movies, I enjoy having romantic and chill time with a guy. I am tough and hard working girl who loves fashion but not a material girl following brands and fancy stuff.
Would be great if we can go to fancy restaurants and bars sometimes but i also enjoy drinking red wine in a picnic. I love dressing up sometimes but could be very casual during weekdays! Flexibility! My favorite restaurant in SH is Salute. I love jogging, swimming, cycling and hiking. Mobike is favorite object these days! I love delicious cocktails and healthy food. I don’t eat meat!
Seems there is rule here, but I believe in fairness, honesty, wisdom and clarity. I just need a company like you do ! Terminology enhances better understanding , i would call each other ” friend” , even i will be getting married one day. i just believe right people will be attracted to what they want at that time.


I would like to chill and have a glass of white wine and then few MUGS of Moscow Mule with you. If you are an intelligent , fun and smart man. Humorous & Romantic person is preferable! Just don’t be fake

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