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My name is April, and I’m currently studying at ShUFE. I’m a well travelled and well educated young woman excited to explore this new city! Maybe I can practice my Chinese with you (我只说一点儿中文, 说得不好)
I’m working toward a degree in Politics, but when I’m not studying, I enjoy wandering through art galleries, reading classics (Jane Eyre is my favorite) and listening to ’70s music. I also like treating myself to a decadent meal every so often — oysters, good steak, red wine, chocolate mousse… I feel dizzy just thinking about it 😍
My greatest vice (besides a few cigarettes here and there) is that I love to shop, and I have expensive taste. I love the way I feel in a Diane Von Fürstenberg dress and high heels. Fashion has always been an important part of my life, both as a creative outlet and a source of confidence.


Despite my expensive tastes, I’m living on a strict student budget, so I’m looking for a sugar daddy to fund my shopping habit and help me experience Shanghai fully. Whether we’re spending an afternoon at a coffee shop or an evening at a roof top bar, I can’t wait to meet you and see if we click

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