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Sugar and spice, no salt.

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20-something year old girl living in china, getting her foot on the career ladder.
First of all, traveling is more or less out of the question for me due to work so I’m not as fancyfree as most girls on here, however Sometimes I hop over the sea to Hong Kong but it’s usually to meet up with friends, if you can keep up maybe you can come along?
I love my work and everyone has the potential to meet their perfect match, maybe yours is a girl who understands the daily grind!
Realistically there’s a lot of guys on here looking for more than they’re willing to put their hand in their pocket for. If you want endless days resembling something out of a movie and expect me to be happy with dinner and a bottle of wine- im not the girl for you.
If you’re looking for a pretty girl to fill the long hours before bed or in an airport terminal, or to keep you on your toes in the office on the other end of the phone, I’m just a message away.


Someone sweet not salty!
Submissive guys are fun but I don’t discriminate 😜

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