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Happy girl with a free spirit

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放棄當創意總監,在香港與英國來來回回走了好幾圈,邊努力工作,邊享受各式各樣的精彩生活。沒有人不渴求快樂自由的生活,但現實是沒有經濟根基,就會失去很多自由。 我是務實的人,沒整形沒有模特兒般出眾的樣子和身材 (只在英國BBC劇中當過些小配角。照片沒有美圖,如你看到本人長相跟照片是兩回是那就沒意思),就是這麼平凡,但我有廣闊的眼界,開放的思維,正面開朗的個性,願意與人分享故事,也樂意聆聽你的故事。 It’s my first time to have this idea. And I think, why not? I was a Marketing Manager who was being trapped in the office 12 hours a day, working hard. One day, I decided to quit this kind of life, then I flighted to the UK. That’s how I got started my second life. I had an awesome job in the UK, a personal shopper in the most famous department store in the world, exclusively served royal families, celebrities, footballers…. I had a bf and loads of lovely friends over there. However, I lost most of those things in one week just because my work visa expired. If I had money, problems solved. It’s not difficult for me to get a decent job in Hong Kong, but who wants to be trap in a tiny office? I like excitements, adventures, new experiences…however, I can’t do all those things as much as I want without a solid financial basic. I always want to have my own business, to be financial independent, so I can get the freedom to do what I want. I’m very open minded with positive attitude, a down to earth person without very outstanding outlook and body. Yep, That’s me.


從沒有為錢做過違背意願的事。我有能力賺錢給自己買名牌包吃好的,物質當然是美好的東西,但我更喜歡將勤勞工作賺來的錢都用來做想做的事,去看世界,經歷新事物。工作與自由是可以共處的,所以我是一名自由職工作者,目標是做點小生意養活自己過比現在更好的生活。 要找的人,希望他可以協助我於經濟及工作經驗兩方面,達到目標。在這關係上,充實大家的生活,享受快樂自由,更重要的是尊重對方,不擾攘大家的獨立生活,所有協意也需於兩方同願意下進行。 Looking for a carefree and respectful SD relationship. I want someone who can offer real guidance and financial support as well in helping me start and run a business, a smart person with good connections and experience. A financial settlement will be discussed this must be done naturally, with transparency, and from your own initiative. Don’t make me ask for things and don’t put me in awkward, embarrassing situations. Here’s another option for my SD. I’m in an open relationship, my partner is in London. We are both well-educated and healthy, in good hygiene, don’t do drugs, not party animals, don’t fxxk around. We agree to involve in an agreement for 3 as well. Life is full of possibilities, you will never know what you can get until you go for a shot. If you’d like to spoil sugar couple, open a door to enjoy special excitements, we are always welcome/ Let me know what you think:)

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