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Hello! I’m an undergraduate student currently studying in China but originally from California. I’ve spent the majority of my post-high school life traveling, adventuring, studying, exploring, meeting new people, trying new things, and discovering how exciting life is! I’m optimistic and outgoing, but can sometimes be a bit shy when meeting someone for the first time. I am a double degree student, and I am fascinated by a wide range of topics. I have lived in Asia for over four years, and speak English, Chinese, and Japanese. (I also have just started to study Korean). I love reading and watching movies, as well as traveling, exercising (especially yoga and kickboxing), shopping, and eating delicious food (sweets are my favorite!) I’m open-minded, easy going, and love meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to send me a message! (: 大家好~ 我是一个来自美国加州的女孩,现在在中国留学。我是一个乐观开朗阳光女孩,喜欢读书,看电影,旅游,运动,逛街,吃美食(本人其实是个小吃货!),等~ 我也很喜欢交朋友,所以如果想认识的话,可以留言哦~


The process of growing up is as exciting as it is confusing. While university boys can be fun and sweet, I’ve found that the men on this website are more mature and understanding, and can often provide comforting company and helpful advice. I like men who are respectful, thoughtful, interesting, and confident, however I don’t have a particular “type” or explicit “expectations”; I am very open-minded and non-judgmental, and always willing to try something new~

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