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From New Zealand to China (with love)

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小白女会中文, OH MY! 我叫小白。双重国籍(英国/新西兰)。我现在住在中国的11个月。 我会说OK的普通话。我以前去过旅游很多的地方在中国。我也去旅游很多国外。我想学习护理一天。我喜欢旅行和喜剧电影和瑜伽。我是吃素。 我是60公斤,170厘米,D’杯,蓝色的眼睛,金长头发。我的皮肤很白。 My name is Alex or in Chinese XiaoBai. 65kg/140lbs/172cm/5’8”/blonde/blue eyes. I’m a New Zealander but I’ve also got UK citizenship. I’ve lived in China 11 months, 5 months hitch-hiking almost the entire country and other parts of Asia, and 5 months as a freelance tour guide. Backpacking, hitchhiking and travel is my life! I’ve run out of savings so I wanna find a nice guy to travel and play with in China or anywhere around the world! I’m travelling now. In Shanghai until July 14th, and then HangZhou until July 17….. In the future, I want to finish my nursing studies. I’m vegetarian and I love cooking Thai and Indian food. I love hip hop and punk music, dancing, and partying. I’m super non-materialistic and can’t stand superficial popular culture. I will happily choose street food over a fancy place, or a backpack over LV bag/luxury branded rubbish. I’m super honest and open, I’m also kind of wild. I think you’ll like me. I DON’T WANT MONEY/ALLOWANCE, fun and adventure with you are more important than money!!

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