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vanilla choco lolly with a cherry on top.

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straight up not going to put myself out. super casual.???? honestly, if you’re in dire need of: extremely rad conversation sensational shopping buddy starbucks & chill full time film connoisseur laughs for days endless futbol (soccer) endeavors & just spending time with super cutie definitely, i’m the girl. anything more and i’m pretty sure you can find someone else on here. ???? i’m tiny af & idk non mediocre. i speak a few languages so holla. also a full time dancer & part time student.


well. i want someone to enjoy my company & buy me cute things as well as food? lol a pretty obscure request but i’m sure someone wants to hang out with a cutie pie and actually talk? i’m also the furthest thing from naive ???? however, i keep it real. please watch movie with me laugh at my jokes talk and shop lolol. i’m really great at all those things, i promise. if you want more than that, sorry.

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