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My lifestyle alternates between pretty chill and pretty wild. I do old people stuff during the day — ride bikes, take photos, go to the park/beach, tend my garden, and go out most nights (bar or club).
I don’t have to work much at all so I spend most of my time on my interests. Travel, photography, music, cooking, etc. — pretty vanilla stuff except I like to party a lot.
If you’re going to take the initiative and message me first, tell me something about yourself, anything. Can you do a backflip, make a great cocktail, peel a pomegranate? I know you think you’re hot and want to meet guys. You have a profile on this site; I read it.
If you’re in Asia I’m down to travel to meet when I’ve time. Americas/Europe I pass through often enough.


Chill is good but uptight is cool, too. Tall is better but short is fine. Athletic is nice, lazy is fun, too. You get it, I’m flexible.
I like to talk to people who have some kind of interests of hobbies; even if it’s something I’m completely uninterested in if you’re passionate about it, that’s fine. I’d say things like makeup/shopping/tv don’t count, but if you *really* are a pro at those things, sure, tell me the secrets of eyeliner/duty free/netflix.
If you have funny or interesting stories, or jokes, or something you really like talking about, that’s ideal.
Everyone on sites like this says they’re engaging, interesting, charming, whatever — think of the messages guys send you — are they all engaging, interesting and charming? Yeah. Not all of them.
If you’re boring and know it, but you like to play “would you rather”, or drinking games, or uno, or pinochle, whatever, that’s cool, too.

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