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Handsome and wealthy young man for a sweetheart

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伴游对象女性净资产¥6亿年收入超过¥615万种族亚洲幸福期待高奢教育程度研究生学历是否抽烟非吸烟者体型健美职业Investment Bank/Hedge Fund是否喝酒社交应酬身高173 厘米


1. I have made my fortune at young age thru hard work and intelligence in the hedge fund industry and still compounding my wealth fast every year. So I am still young in my early 30s but already pretty rich
2. I am highly educated and graduated from one of THE top universities in the US and spent quite a bit of my youth in New York
3. I have been a veteran in Wall Street, well trained at world glass firms and sharpened my teeth there. I have gone thru all the big turbulence in the financial market in the past 10 years
4. Very westernized and been a global citizen. I travel around the globe for business. Could be in Tokyo on Monday, Beijing on Wed and New York on Friday. I have seen and experienced a lot, really a lot globally. So I have a true international mindset, no culture or ethnic should be a barrier to me
5. Good looking! Very strong and athletic. Was trained by one of Olympic team member of the US team in NY, so I am way more masculine than average Asian men! Six packs, a lot of muscles and good performance in Sex!


1. Smart and open minded
2. Fun to hang out with and this is VERY important
3. Adventurous and curious about new things
4. Athletic, healthy and love sex

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