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Looking for intellect

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伴游对象 女性净资产$500万年收入$12.5万种族亚洲子女0幸福期待中等 教育程度高中是否抽烟经常吸烟体型微胖职业CTO是否喝酒社交应酬身高173 厘米婚否已婚,只想交友


CTO and founder of a tech firm. Low profile business,
Needs a companion whenever I am back in Singapore. Enjoys sleeping alone usually so we can all head home to our bed after our meet up.


Would love to meet somebody who can hold conversations and meet me late at night after I finish my work whenever I’m in Singapore.
Welcome to travel with me on business trips if I have extra days for R&r.

ual and physical companion

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